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Dec 27, 2007
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I've done my first two brews in the house, since I scored a turkey fryer im moving to ye old garage to brew. My garage is finished, it's not a filthy pigpen, but obviously it's not as clean as my house. Is there any special precautions that I should follow as far as sanitation, or just keep the same as the kitchen?
What I do is I keep Starsan in my fermenters with the lids on from the time the biol starts to the time I'm ready to fill them. I use a CFC so there is not much time that the wort is cool and not closed up.
the main thing is don't kick up any dust after the boil is done.
Other than clearing the spider webs from the ceiling before you start brewing. And decide if the door will be up or down, almost dumped a load of dead flies in my last batch when I opened the door.
It won't make a difference this time of year, but as you start cooling your wort, make sure to drape a clean towel over your kettle to keep the buggers out.

I brewed a bunch in my garage before moving into my brewshop.

I love brewing in the garage.

Melana said:
I'm so jealous... i have no stinking garage.
Back in the younger day's I could care less about a garage, used to change oil and work on truck on the gravel driveway. Now that im old (38):( I don't know how i ever lived without one. Thanks for the tips!
I have a double garage with an extra 10 feet on the far side with my workbench etc , so I have HEAPS of space right?

Never enough! I built a 10' X 10' steel shed out back to keep all the gardening supplies in etc... it's big enough to have a party in! At least it keep most of the clutter out of the garage.

We have a MASSIVE kitchen, so I really don't need any more space, but less than a month after I started brewing, I decided to add a pergola off the kitchen. I am in the process of building my outdoor kitchen now. I have a 10 foot long laminated bench top and am installing a giant stainless steel sink in it shortly. Pics to follow on completion.

So, umm no, I don't brew in the garage ;)
I love the garage...I found I bought more crap to brew with because of the space....

...then I found out I lost the floor

...then I found out the Hoe Depo sells shelves

...then I found my floor again