Moving primary fermenter from 65F to 70F

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Apr 26, 2013
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Scotts Valley
I have a Citra IPA that's been fermenting now for 11 days (no FG reading yet).

It currently is in an area of my house that averages 65F.

Would moving it to an area that averages 70F help the process of yeast 'cleaning' up until it hits FG?

Yeast used is S-05.

also....i learned sticking your head in bucket close to fermenting beer and inhaling deeply hurts like a mofo....I do not recommend :(

After 11 days moving it should be fine. Specifically as fermentation finishes (after fg is reached or after high krausen) raising temp is ok.
70 is still a fine temp for 05. What is it stuck at? If you are real high you might want to gently stir the wort, or sprinkle some more yeast on top.

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