MOSFET's Duct Tape Ale

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Jan 6, 2009
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Long Island, NY

A few words on the name would be appropriate. In experimenting with my pasta roller to crush grain, one iteration involved increasing roller friction by applying duct tape. Worked pretty well. I got a little overzealous and tightened the roller spacing, resulting in some shredded duct tape bits in my grist. I plucked most of them out and left the inevitable few shreds in the mash, figuring whatever didn't kill me would only make me violently ill.

Though the efficiency was poor, this turned out tasting fantastic and that's the only reason I'm posting it. Keep in mind you may get a gravity considerably higher with this grain bill, so cut back if you have a good feel for your efficiency.

For 5-ish gallons:

10.5 lb. Briess pale malt 2 row
0.5 lb. biscuit
0.5 lb. cara amber
0.5 lb. cara foam
1 oz. columbus 12.2% 60 minutes
1 oz. cluster 7.9% 20 minutes
1 oz. cascade 6.3% 7 minutes
1 oz. cascade 6.3% 0 minutes

Mash at 150-152 for 1 hour.

I stopped the sparge at ~1.008.

I used hydrated Nottingham, one pack.

Target gravity at 100% efficiency is 1.088. At 75% this is 1.066. I was aiming for 1.050-1.060. I got 1.044. Yes, that's pitiful, I know. All things considered, at 1.044 it's a great taste, not unlike Sierra Nevada. Final gravity was 1.010.

The recipe was developed completely from HBT inspiration. As a guide I laid out Centennial Blonde, Lake Walk, Haus, Dogfish, Orange Cascade, And Zack Jack on a spreadsheet with their respective ingredients, and came up with something I wanted to try. Hats off to you guys. Cheers.