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Dec 5, 2007
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Spokane, WA
Just ordered ingredients for my next brew at This is my first time buying off the internet so im pretty stoked. I usually go to my LHBS but his prices for hops are kinda spendy (3.00 an oz.) and i usually end up paying 40-50 bucks for all the ingredients i need for a brew. After checking out prices online i decided to go ahead and give it a shot. Only setback is the choices of hops obviously have been dwindled down at these online stores where as at my LHBS they have a huge selection of hops varieties oh well i still managed. heres what i got for 60 bucks...

1 lb. caravienne malt
1 lb. black roasted barley
1 lb. chocolate malt
3 lb. dark DME
6 lb. light liquid extract
4 oz. Cascade (whole leaf)
4 oz. Galena (pellets)
4 oz. Santiam (pellets)
12 oz. lactose
10 ft. 3/8 tubing

I know to you more expirienced brewers 12 oz. of hops isnt much but im used to getting like 2 or 3 ounces at a time so thinking of having 12 oz. on hand makes me wanna rock out:rockin: Anyway i still have a couple things to grab at the grocery store like cocoa powder and molasses im making a variation of TUCK's Chocolate Espresso Stout, I cant wait to get started!
I buy from morebeer quite a bit. I've always thought their service is great and the free shipping on orders over $59 is great too. AHS is also very good. Don't limit yourself to one place especially with the hop situation, I've found different retailers will have different inventories