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Jan 21, 2008
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Hey all,

Sorry for all these questions but I gotta ask em. I wanna know why I cannot keep my beer in the fridge once they are bottled for the aging process. My directions always say to keep the beer at a constant temperature of 70 F. To me this really does'nt make sense. If the beer is done fermenting why does is need to be temperature controlled? Eventually the beer is going to be chilled so why does it matter if I do it now or two weeks from now? Am I reading the directions wrong or what?


because it's not done fermenting. you add sugar before you bottle to wake those yeasties back up. they eat that sugar and that's how they create co2 and carbonate the beer. if you left them in the fridge, they'd just go dormant and you'd be left with overly-sweet, flat beer.

they also age in the bottle because of the yeast. those yeast just don't die, they still work and try to stay alive. bottle conditioning is quite the process and temperature is very important even after the beer is carbonated.

i'd personally wait 6 weeks before i dig into, but nothing says you can't try one each week ;)

Yep I don't chill a bottle until a couple days before I plan to drinking it.