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Dec 6, 2008
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Oly, WA
So, in another thread I spun a yarn about getting drunk and putting the out disconnect on the in post. Long story short I yanked it off with my pliers. So I went to the LHBS and got another disconnect so that I might dispense the beer. This morning I went to gas the keg and put the disconnect on, and beer started shooting through the top of the disconnect!?! Has anybody else had this happen? Is there a way to salvage the disconnect, or should I just go back to the LHBS and swap it out.

Thanks. I will try to tighen it down after work.

I did notice (for the first time) the the slot on the top of the disconnect is for a screwdriver while I was trying to get my last one off the in post. Does that mean that the disconnects can be taken apart and cleaned better than just as one piece?
The joys of mixing up the posts. I did that the first time and man did it suck! I pulled on the beer out line for a good hour trying to wiggle it off.

I ended up using a pry bar on the opposite side from the hose. That allowed me to pull up on it evenly. It wasn't coming off any other way.

Sound like you just need to tighten the top though. It makes cleaning out the lines a lot easier to just unscrew that.