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Sep 7, 2007
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I've done two batches with my Barley Crusher, set at the factory gap settings.

My efficiency went from 60% up to 75% for the first, and to 78% for the second.

What a difference a good crush can do for you. Hopefully some additional tweaks to my process can squeeze out a few more percentage points. :tank:
Nice to hear that . I just joined the 15# BC club on the 25th. Can't wait to try it out.
Got a 7# myself. I haven't hooked up a drill yet. A 10# grain bill is a nice arm workout.
7# since 25/12/07, well first batch was day before yesterday.

Jump to 79% into boiler, might tighten it a tiny bit.

Hand crank because the battery on the cordless ran out and couldn't be buggered going all the way to the garage to get the corded drill.

Very pleased, can't wait for the next batch.
I hand crank my grain bills too. A man should get SOME kind of exercise, right?
Just got this.....15# on the way. :ban:

Your Barley Crushers Maltmills went out to you today via UPS ground service.

Your Tracking number is: 1Z17VR880395750544

You can begin to track your order tomorrow at

Thank you
B C Products Enterprises
Kevin Dean said:
We both get ours the same day. :mug: I'm so stoked.

Weird, i just checked that tracking number and it's not going to me. they sent two emails, the other one was correct. Someone in Graham NC is getting one too I guess. Looking forward to testing it out. God knows, my efficiency could use some help.

Your package is on time with a scheduled delivery date of 01/07/2008.

Tracking Number: 1Z 17V R88 03 9935 033 5
Type: Package
Status: In Transit - On Time
Scheduled Delivery: 01/07/2008
Shipped/Billed On: 12/28/2007
Service: GROUND
Weight: 10.00 Lbs
+1 on the barley crusher. I made 2 batches in 2 days, and hit the numbers quoted in Clone Brews. They are assuming a 70% efficiency -> 5 gal, but I'm getting those #'s w/ 5.5 gal after boil.
Same here... efficiency went from ~55% (consistently, although I often let crushed grain sit around for about a month in sealed bags) to 75% on first brew, brewed day after crush.

15# is the bomb. While it probably isn't worth the extra money for the bigger hopper, it sure is very very convenient...

I too got about 30 seconds out of my cordless and did the rest by hand...
I must admit I hate you all. They really don't like to see me at the LHBS anymore. I buy alot from them but they see me coming with my Beer Smith print out and the last few times they have been looked at like you " are going to Taze me bro ".

I imagine they get a few AG brewers doing 10 - 12 lb crushes. I show up with a 15 gallon batch of Ed Worts Stone Clone ( Brewing tomorrow :rockin: ). Then the fun starts. No normal person would want to crush 30 lbs of grain ( I do not consider myself to be a normal person and would love to do it). I think they hate me in a strange and fully understood way...

I think I NEED to get a Barley Crusher just because of the social implications not to mention the economic...
The Barley Crusher rocks and the owner Randy is a hell of a guy too. I am lucky to live near him so I went over to his house and bought mine. Rnady told if if anything goes wrong with it he will stand behind his product!!
Randy will hook you up. You're ready for a crusher. Don't want to see you get tazered.:D
yeah, i got soooo tired of the looks i got when i asked for my grain to be milled at the lhbs. Plus, I didn't realize my efficiency was so low with their (2 different stores!) crack vs. the BC. Proud owner, used twice, of the 7# f the crank and drill that beeotch!
Used it again yesterday, 95% efficency into the boiler!?

Dunno how the hell that happened, I double checked my hydrometer readings, volume and everything. Must have buggered up somewhere...

Will have to see what happens next brew day.

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