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Feb 10, 2009
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Orlando, FL
My apfelwein has been in primary for exactly 3 1/2 weeks now. I followed EdWort's recipe to the letter, just for reference with the substitution of Champagne yeast for Montrachet.

Question #1) Like a previous poster, my primary bubbling exploded with airlock activity 2 days after I pitched. It remained at 2 bubbles per second for 7 days and then stopped totally. The temp in my "fermenting closet" has been constant between 65-70 the entire time. So, is this "rags to riches" fermenting activity typical for an apfelwein?

Question #2) In his recipe, EdWort stated that the apfelwein would clear up between weeks 3 and 4. Mine is now crystal clear which on the surface sounds like a success. However, there isn't the slightest bit of trub, lees, particulates, etc. on the bottom of the carboy and in the small taste test I performed, the apfelwein tasted yeasty. Is there actual trub/lees I should be looking for before bottling? Or does the clarification not produce any? I know that doesn't sound right but I'm a bit befuddled. Also based on everybody's experience, should I wait for the yeasty taste to drop away before bottling, or is that a characteristic of the Champagne yeast (I've never used it before)?

Thanks for everybody's help!!!

Brandon O

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Jun 30, 2008
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question 1) yes, infact it's true for most fermentations. Yeast has this type of life cycle.

Question2) I'm sure your apfewein is fairly clear, but is it as clear as water? It will be as clear as water if you let it sit in the carboy for 2 months. You will see some lees at that point for sure. Apfelwein doesn't produce a ton of lees anyway so I'm not suprised you don't see any. I'm telling you tho, it will get clearer.

Also, don't drink it until it's been 6 months. that yeasty flavor will go away and the apple will come through.

If the apfelwine is not appley enough for you and too white wine ish, then sub the 2# of dextrose for 2# of light DME and sub the wine yeast for some nottingham yeast. To go the extra mile steep 12oz of crystal 10L at 155 and add that to it as well.

Boom, you got yourself a great and very appley drink.