Months in Primary - a is it wasted?

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Vintage NY

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Jan 12, 2018
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Long Island / NYC
Hey all.... it’s been quite a while and due to my basement becoming a hoarders dream, I haven’t been brewing for almost a year. My basement is my fermentation and conditioning area.... and it sux I’ve been so lazy to clean it out. Anyway, before my laziness, I brewed a gallon of cranberry apple, And a gallon of just Apple cider. It stopped fermenting, and I added some dark spiced rum to each for an extra kick. Well, it’s still down there, in the primary glass gallon jug, with the yeast, cinnamon sticks, and whatever I used like 6-8 months ago. Not disturbed. I am wondering, is it still worth bottling? I need to transfer to totaling bucket with some sugar to carb, but will it taste ok? Or will it taste like jet fuel? Thanks.