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Arizona Monster Mill 2-2.0 with gear driven motor and extended hopper

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Jan 15, 2011
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Sunshine and Big Holes
This is essentially the same as the current MM-2Pro model. It has hardened steel rollers that are 2" in diameter. 6061 Aluminum frame and bronze bushings. The 3/4HP 1750rpm motor transfers the power through a 10:1 90 degree gear reduction and drives the mill at 175rpm. The extended hopper holds about 40# of grain. This thing chugs through grain. You can start and stop without emptying the hopper. I would typically run 2 brewing buckets and once the first one was full I would stop the mill and switch the buckets and then restart. It uses a simple on-off switch and plugs into a regular household outlet. The cabinet is designed to clear a brewing bucket or any smaller 5-gallon bucket.

I am selling all my brewing equipment. I brewed around 50-60 10-20 gallon batches on this mill and about 40 of them with the current motor configuration. The crush is set perfectly for my eHERMS brewery but it is easy to change if you have a different setup.

I am not willing to ship. I am located in NW Tucson, Arizona. I have a video of it running that I can share if you are interested. $700


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