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California Monster Mill 2-2.0 (aka 2 Roller Pro) Grain Mill w/ Hopper & Base (Orange County)

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Jan 26, 2010
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Laguna Hills
I've been using this excellent grain mill for homebrewing going on 5 years now.

When I purchased it, it was known as the Monster Mill 2-2.0: 6" long, 2" diameter, 2-Roller knob adjustable gap drill drive professional grain mill

They've since renamed it to the "2 Roller Pro Brewer Grain Mill" and forward the old link (below) to the new listing.

New, this costs $249-$279 for the mill and $45 for the hopper/base combo (plus shipping/tax).

Only looking to sell locally (92653) if I'm going to let it go, as shipping it would be a bear.

Thinking $220 $200 would be a solid deal.
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