Monks Run Out of "World's Best Beer"

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Sir Sudster

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May 27, 2005
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Buda, Tx
Here is what the BeerAdvocate had to say about this beer:

To any reader of this website, it is nigh impossible to approach this beer with any objectivity. As a perennial top-ranked beer, you either want to jump on board and sing its praise or find fault and bring this giant down to a more mortal level. Regrettably, the latter is extremely difficult to do.

Pours a deep opaque brown with a thick tan head so solid you could walk across it. Aroma is malt, candy sugar and some traces of fruit and alcohol. If any flaw exists, I would place it with the nose -- it just never develops as strongly as I would like. I wouldn't call it one-dimensional but not quite as complex as it should be.

Initial taste is warm, smooth and slightly fruity. Dark but not heavy malts, more candy sugars, traces of yeast. Some woody flavors, as if it had been barrel aged. Sweet but not cloying, maybe some plum, cherries, a faint taste of alcohol. Early taste of alcohol puts me off just a little but any reservation is gone before half the glass is emptied.

Flavors begin to bloom as it warms in the tulip. More fruits, more yeast, fewer malts, less sugary. Raisins, currants, almost sliding towards a dark lambic character. A gentile spiciness is found, reminicient of a winter warmer with traces of maple syrup, rum and allspice. A softness persists throughout, making this one very easy to drink. The ABV is hardly noticeable by the end of the glass.

No date, but bottle consumed fresh without aging. Time would only benefit this beer, it can wait longer than I can. Whatever your preference, pour in the yeast -- I downed at the last without regret.