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I brewed this in May and bottled it a few weeks ago. Its a good beer, malty and roasty. I used the latest incarnation with the imported crystal malts as listed under Malticulous Mojave Red in the American Ale - Amber Ale section of Brewmaster's warehouse.

I put that on there. It's really cool how they will weigh out and sell 1/2 oz of roasted barley. My last batch came from there adjusted for 11 gallons at 85% brewhouse efficiency--minus the hops I had on hand. That is a great place to buy single recipes from.

The thing I really likes about this beer is that anyone that likes beer likes this one. It doesn't matter if they think Miller Lite is the best ever--this beer still goes over well. Best of all it's not some light hybred-BMC wannabe. It's a true craft brew.:D

BMC Drinker said:
Wow, I don't like dark beer but this tastes great!
Brewed this today, thanks much for the recipe. Unfortunately, as this was my second ever all grain my efficiency is still really poor and I only hit 1.040 OG (I think I sparged too quickly). Been reading about adding some dextrose at high krausen to increase the gravity. Bad idea for this beer? If not, any advice on how much, etc? Many thanks.
I probably wouldn't. Some DME would be better. You probably can put in a half pound of dextrose without much effect on the body but a whole pound might be pushing it. I don't think it's worth 5 gravity points. The thing about the sugar is it will make it finish under 1.010. It's best at 1.013-14.
Just wanted to report my own success with this recipe. I made two slightly different batches. The first time I made this beer, I used Pacman yeast and Maris Otter for base grain instead of 2-row. The beer was a total success at a beer tasting gathering going against commercial brews like Red Seal, Liberty and Old Foghorn. Most people in attendance weren't beer geeks but they all loved Mojave Red over the commercial brews, and before I knew it, it was all gone...

Currently drinking another batch that was now brewed with 2-row base malt and fermented with WLP029 which gives this beer a very clean lager-like yeast profile without making it too dry. This batch is just fantastic, and I love the richness of malt and hop flavors when serving it warmer, at around 50*F. I am happy I don't have to share this batch with anyone this time around. I have one fantastic brew to enjoy over the next couple of months :D
I'm just finishing up primary with this. Had to sub chocolate. I have 2 oz of centennial leaf that I'm thinking of using to dry hop. Do y'all think that's too much for the style?
since your using US-05, would Wyeast 1056 work? or would you use an Irish or Scottish ale yeast?

or keep it the way it is...
I would use any one of those. I think they all would end up about the same. I'm going to use WLP 001 next time. I'd like to try a yeast with more character some time too.
I've been wanting to give this a go for a while. I got to it today. I love a good red.

I didn't reduce enough, so have 5.5 gal at 1.053. I am not at all worried about that. I used Notty, and didn't have the Carafa, so I added 1 oz roasted instead of 0.5. But the roasted I had was only 300L I don't know how much difference that will make. If anything it might be a bit more rich. Not a bad thing in my opinion.

It smelled great in the mash. I am really looking forward to tasting this.
Is Maris Otter an OK substitution for the American 2-row?

Also, if I can't find Palisades hops, is the below substitution from correct to use Willamette hops?


Palisade®, YCR 4
Alpha Acids 5.5-9.5%
Beta Acids 6.0-8.0%
Alpha-Beta Ratio 1
Cohumulone (% of alpha acids): 24-29%
Total Oils (Mls. per 100 grams dried hops) 1.4-1.6
Myrcene (as % of total oils) 9-10%
Caryophyllene (as % of total oils) 16-18%
Humulene (as % of total oils) 19-22%
Farnesene (as % of total oils) 0%
Storage (% alpha acids remaining after 6 months storage at 20° C) Good (above average %)
Possible Substitutions: Willamette
Palisades is a Tettnanger decent like Willamette probably is. It's higher alpha, like Glacier. Tett or Willamette will probably work reasonably well if you use enough. Magnum would work good if you use the right amount less. Palisade does add to the overall flavor. Nothing really replaces it. It's very good in porters.,
Made this 5 days ago. Pretty excited about it. It will be different though. I used maris otter for the base. Smells great!!
I just brewed up another rendition

17 lb Great Western 2-row
1 Lb Great Western Crystal 75L
1 lb Great Western Crystal 60L
12 oz Great Western Crystal 40L
4 oz Best Carmel Pilsner (out of 40L)
8 oz Best Melanoidin Malt (not sure how it compares to Wyermann)
2 oz Best Aromatic
1 oz Carafa III
1 oz Roasted Barley 550L

44g Palisade and 21g Willamette at 60 min (out of Palisades)
1 oz Sterling and .25 oz Liberty at 20 min (making up for low alpha Sterling and hoping for more spice)
1 oz Willamette at 10 min
1 oz Cascade and .5 oz Columbus Dry hop (upping the aroma a touch)

WLP 001

Mashed in 35 qts at 153 for 60 minutes (no mashout,) single batch sparged with 24 qts.
Ended up with 11 gallons of 1.060 wort.
Made this beer before and it was awesome! Thanks for the recipe!

I was wondering what you all thought about adding .5oz or 1 oz of carapills to add to the body of it? I was thinking about adding flaked oats at first but after reading have become curious of carapills. Thanks all
If you want more body mash a little higher. The recipe is already 15% crystal malts. I guess is could be pushed to 20%. 15% seems to be where I like it, but then the only other way I've brewed it was with 12%.
Alrighty ill give that a shot. Come to think of it I may have just added too much water the first time (I didn't reach 5 gallons) and thinned it out.

Thanks for the help!
Uh oh... I went to get my grain at the LHBS yesterday and they didn't have american 2 row! They had Maris Otter and an English 2 row. I opted for the English 2 row for my base malt. Hopefully this will still turn out to be a delicious beer!!! Does anyone see a problem with the English 2 row compared to the "american" 2 row? This is only my 4th all grain batch, so I don't know what the flavor attributes would be. Maybe I'll call it an English Red... :)
Should the krausen on this have large bubbles and not really fall back into the wort? I've never had krausen look like this before. It looks very thick and frothy...
US-05 has a strong kraeusen. I've been using WLP001 lately and it's blown off every time.

I'm not liking the Columbus dry hop on my current batch. Live and learn. I wont do it again.
just bottled a batch of this today, tasted and smelled pretty good, not great though. Obviously it's green and flat but I'd like to compare notes with you guys. It was a bit too sweet and not as hoppy as I was expecting. There was really only a slight hop aroma. To what extent should i expect it to balance out? I'm hoping carbonation will help counteract the sweetness somewhat, and maybe conditioning will mellow it too. OG was 1.060, FG was 1.014, so it definitely finished fermenting.

I guess what I'm really asking here is, what changes can I expect after 3-4 weeks in the bottle? I hate the waiting :)
Carbonic bite really changes the balance. Caramel sweetness is part of the style.

My current batch is not as good as any before it. The Best Melanoidin and Aromatic malts just don't work as well as the Wyermann. The hop aroma is higher but it has a grassy flavor that lingers. The 1/2 oz Cascade dry hop seems the perfect balance. I've played with this recipe a bunch and never have been able to make it better than the original.
I hate when that happens. Subtly different brew and fermentation conditions always make it really hard to brew exactly the same beer twice. I try to take thorough notes though.
I hate when that happens. Subtly different brew and fermentation conditions always make it really hard to brew exactly the same beer twice. I try to take thorough notes though.

My biggest problem with consistency comes from not consistently using the exact same ingredients. Every time I restock my brewery I have to order from three or more places to get the products I want at the right price. I end up using substitutes. I think it's a good thing really. I learn a lot about different ingredients.
My last batch took third in the HBT west comp.

I know what was wrong with it. The judges tasted astringency and noted to watch the sparge. It wasn't from sparging. It's hop astringency form the small amount of Columbus. I know because I used them to dry hop half of my last APA and that half had the same problem but much worse. Farmhouse had some bad Columbus.
Heya All!

This beer looks very appealing.

I'd really like to brew a version of myself but haven't quite ventured into the world of all-grain yet.

Does there exist an extract version of this recipe? If so, I'd love to use it.


Here is the a conversion of the grian bill that I like.

6 lbs Briess Amber DME or 7 lbs Briess Amber LME
8 oz Crystal 80L
8 oz Crystal 40L
4 oz Melanoidin Malt
1 oz Carafa II special
½ oz Roasted Barley

It drops the Crystal 60L and uses Amber DME. Briess amber extract has some crystal 60L and some munich malt. The munich malt should help add some maltyness becasue I don't think just steeping the Melanoidin Malt will add the same flavor. One oz Carafa II might help it get closer to the right color. You could just use pale extract and and the crystal 60L, but I think the amber will get it closer.
I brewed 'this' beer up last saturday. I quote the 'this' because of the following: about a pound of grains ended up in the cushions of my car's back seat and I only used Cascade and Williamette hops. My OG was 1.046 compared to the 1.060 that its supposed to be. I'm tentatively calling this an 'Indian Amber Ale' since I'm pretty sure it'll be very hoppy due to the lighter body but same amount of hops. Comments are welcome.
Brewed this one again today with some buddies. We had a good time and the wort looks good. Mashed at 154 and I'm going to ferment at 65. I am also going to add a half ounce of sterling along with the cascades for the heck of it. I enjoyed this the first time I did it and I fully expect to repeat the joy!
ive been wanting to brew this for sometime now. i love hoppy beers, but always love a good red. making 10 gallons this weekend can't wait to try it.
Brewed this one per recipe (except the dry hops) on Aug 20. Went into bottles tonight after an 11 day dry hop (0.75 cascade + 0.75 sterling) and then a 4 day cold crash to around 38 deg f.

I don't know why I bother with any other reddish brown beers. This one kicks ass and is all I need.

Thanks again to the OP!
Brewed this up a week and a half ago.
I missed my gravity, had excessive boil off.
And I mis read and dry hopped right off the bat.

I bought enough ingredients to brew it again. Hopefully I have my process down with the next brew!
well 5 weeks later fresh off the cascade hops, this is a great beer, intersting complex flavor, i think the cascade dry hops need to settle a bit, but i have 10 gallons of it so that shouldnt be a problem!

well done great beer. cant wait for my friends to try it
my mojave red

Thanks for the recipe. Did 10 gallon batch. I used 04 for one and 05 for the other with a dry hop in the keg. Beautiful color is the first thing everyone says. Will definitely brew this again.:rockin:
I named this before I knew the name was used commercially, it is not a clone. I picked up a sixer of the Indian Wells brewing lager of the same name when I seen it just over the border in Nevada.

The color is close. Theirs has low head retention and very strong caramel aroma and flavor. No other malt flavors pop out. It finishes quite dry. Not much going on with the hops, just a medium bitterness. It's odd for a lager. I'd have to classify it as a not so malty Irish Red. If I had brewed it the recipe would not get posted here.

Brewing this tonight... its almost done and ready to cool... can't wait for it to be ready to drink...
My first all grain and so far seems to be going without a problem...

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