Mixing Oxiclean to PBW old solution for reuse

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Jul 28, 2014
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Hi all,

I've been doing some research tonight to reduce the cost of my cleaning and I got a question that came to my mind but I didn't found the exact answer to it, even though I've seen a lot of different opinion.
So now, I need yours!

Here goes nothing:

If I mix a solution of PBW for cleaning and let say that it's not too dirty afterward, would it be a good idea to keep it in a close container (plastic bucket / glass carboy) and I can reuse it after mixing some Oxiclean in the solution?

My theory, base on what I've read until now, is:
1. In the primary PBW solution first hours, everything is wonderful and clean as supposed to.
2. Over the next 48 hours after the mix, the hydrogen peroxide will vanish making the solution much less effective but keeping all the other ingredient present in the water.
2. When I want to reuse the solution, I mix up some Oxiclean to "refuel" the PBW solution in hydrogen peroxide and and boost up the efficiency for another 48 hours.

I believe that this method can make a use of the low cost of Oxiclean without wasting the additionnal chelating agent and sodium metasilicate already present in the original mix (which make the PBW primary solution so wonderful).

Whatda y'a think about tha'?


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Jul 20, 2014
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My honest opinion is that OxyClean Free does just as good a job for me as PBW does. I scrub everything, anyway, and even if PBW promises to remove some of that scrubbing, well, you can lead a horse to water, right?

If you're like that, punctual on cleaning used stuff, and not superstitious, I'd skip the PBW. Once you're on OxyClean, it's so cheap it's disposable anyway.

Now let me tell you, if I were running a commercial brewery with clean-in-place equipment, etc., I'd spring for it. And Five Star is a classy company. I can't speak for the infomercial mongers. But, hey, that extra money for subbing OxyClean lets me buy IO-Star instead of generic Iodophor, so they win anyway.


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Nov 24, 2007
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If you only mix up what you're going to use that day, you won't have any extra.