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Nov 6, 2010
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All items in Lake Forest California

Pretty much everything you need to start homebrewing or expand your operation. Everything must go!

My brother and I are trying to clear out brew gear we don't use any longer. We’re selling pieces or bulk, whatever you need. We are not a beer business—this is a bunch of stuff we’ve been using but no longer need due to equipment upgrades and reducing batch quantities.

All equipment is clean and ready to use. (You'll probably want to do your own cleaning also but at least you won’t have to start with a grimy kettle or keg that still has someone’s leftover gunk in it.)

All prices are negotiable and no reasonable offer will be rejected. If you think something is overpriced (and what isn’t) then make an offer.

We have some other odds and ends laying around that aren’t listed here. If you’re looking for something specific that’s not in the pictures, let us know... we may be able to set you up.

Some items pictured may have been sold. The listing below is more accurate.

Sold Items:

The following items have been sold and are no longer available. However, they may still appear in the photos in this ad.
**SOLD** One 15 gallon food-grade plastic barrel with no drain hole: $5.00 **SOLD**
**SOLD** Short 3 gallon Corny kegs (pin lock): $30.00 **SOLD**

Items & Prices

Keggles with a drain valve: $45.00
Keggles without drain valve: $35.00
Keggles with no drain hole: $35.00

Large mash tun (46 quart, 18” H x 25” W x 13” D): $35.00
Smaller mash tun (32(?) quart, 19” H x 16” W x 16” D): $35.00
KegLand counterflow chiller (black): $35.00
Homegrown counterflow chiller: $25.00
Copper tubing immersion chiller: $10.00
Fast Ferment conical fermenter (new): $75.00

5 gallon plastic carboys (Arrowhead) with vented cap: $8.00
5 gallon plastic carboys (Arrowhead) without vented cap: $5.00
2.5 gallon plastic carboys (Arrowhead) without vented cap: $5.00

15 gallon food-grade plastic barrel with drain valve: $10.00
15 gallon food-grade plastic barrel without drain valve: $7.50
15 gallon food-grade plastic barrel with no drain hole: $5.00

Oxygen injection system: $20.00

Tall 5-gallon Corny (style) kegs (pin lock): $35.00
Keg tap & gas in connector (pin lock): $2.00
Keg post (pin lock): $1.00

American Sankey (D System) keg coupler: $12.00
Micro Matic Stout (U System) keg coupler: $35.00
G System keg coupler: $35.00

Miscellaneous faucets, connectors, fittings, etc: Various prices
Large number of tap handles with prices ranging from $1.00 to $10.00
12 oz. amber Longneck bottle: .20 each, 10 for $1.50
22 oz. amber Bomber: .35 each, 10 for $3.00
Bottle capper: $5.00

Utensils, tools, and miscellaneous items range in price from .25 to $2.00






CounterFlowChiller 2-1200x900.jpg



Blue Barrels1200x900.jpg






TapHandles 2-1200x900.jpg

TapHandles 3-1200x900.jpg