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Dec 2, 2009
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Hi folks, I've been brewing beer & wine from kits for a while now with mostly good results and no disasters.

I'm starting to enjoy ciders (especially dry) a bit more so naturally I'm interested in brewing my own.

I'm set up with a single keg now but I'll be upgrading to a multi-keg keezer soon, so other than test batches I won't have to mess with bottling.

Being that we have lots of orchards in Minnesota I was hoping that some of you fine folks might know of one that might cater to the home brew cider community and provide some great juice (maybe even blends?) in bulk.

Anyone here have any experience?

I lean towards using unfiltered UV pasteurized juice but I really have no experience to base that on. Just seems that unfiltered will retain more natural flavor while UV pasteurized will make for convenience.