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Oct 30, 2012
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Hey fellow brewers,
I've got a batch of wine just about ready to go into the bottle but when I looked in the basement it turns out I only have magnums and champagne bottles. Anyone in the Twin Cities area have excess 750ml bottles they aren't using. I'm happy to figure out a trade if you need the magnums or champagne bottles. If you're in the area you know our LHBS closed up shop and is online only now and I hate the idea of paying shipping on something like this.
Order them from Homebrew Ohio. Might come via a boat.

I'm from Finland and they sell wine bottles in large supermarkets, but they are expensive compared to a LHBS or an online department store chain. I live in a country with a history of country wine making. I'm not from the land down under, I'm from the land of Kilju - lol.
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There's a bunch of MN wineries, several of them within easy driving distance of Minneapolis, maybe call around to some of them? I'm sure they are tossing dozens of emptied bottles into the recycling every day, and would be fine with setting a couple cases worth aside for you, if you asked nicely (and maybe offered them some money).
I know its been a hot minute on this thread. I second Hoochin'Fool thoughts on this. Wineries are usually pretty easy to work with in our neck of the woods.

To help out a bit further, I did find a seller on craigslist that just listed Bordeaux green wine bottles.. so looks like Marketplace/Craiglist could be ones friend.