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Apr 17, 2023
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I recently got a mini-keg that takes 3/8inch thread 16g cartridges. Shipping is kind of hard here, so was wondering if anyone knows where to buy them? Also do they have to be drink grade or could you use something like an airsoft CO2 cartridge?
dont get me started on mini kegging its all i do.

read this thread : this : this:
long story short
buck a piece if you buy thirty.

but sodastream is cheaper and very widely available and carbs up beer better imo. those little carts suck at carbing they are good at dispensing and transferring beer.

as to the food grade i think the air soft is fine but why chance it . the food grade chinese amazon ones that i linked are cheap and hopefully dont have too much arsenic in them. 😉
its not just the price maybe the volumes vary in the carts or something but sometimes it takes a few sometimes 3 or 4. and sometimes it just doesnt work.

use priming sugar in that little sucker or better yet sodastream it for that sediment free kegged taste.
and carb and serve ice cold

Not my personal experience but passing on what Ive read from others, there are people who have reported oil in their beer from using the non-food grade cartridges. Not sure if some brands are worse than others but I think the consensus was that the oil was from the manufacturing process of the cartridges.