Midwest Brewers Festival - August 26-27, 2011 Plainfield IL

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Nov 4, 2005
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Hello everyone. I just wanted to provide an FYI that this event is in the works. I will be sending this notice to homebrew clubs around the midwest.

Midwest Brewers Fest
August 26-27, 2011
Plainfield Riverfront Park
Plainfield, IL

To all our homebrewing friends in the Midwest:
This is the inaugural year for the Midwest Brewers Festival. On Friday the 26th and Saturday the 27th of August, brewpubs, microbreweries and homebrew clubs from the Midwest will descend upon the beautiful Plainfield Riverfront Park overlooking the Du Page River in Plainfield, Illinois to serve and enjoy great beer and great food with American Craft Beer lovers from all around the Midwest.

This festival is open to the public. We are attempting to go beyond the usual focus on craft beer (but make no mistake – Midwest craft beer is the star here) and place more emphasis is on BREWERS - both professional and homebrewers. We are scheduled to have representatives from 50 professional breweries on site sharing samples of their craft beers. Additionally, craft beer establishments that have chefs who are well known for their pairing of beer and food will be there. Live entertainment will also be provided by numerous regional bands.

As host homebrew club, the Plainfield Ale and Lager Enthusiasts (PALE) invite your homebrew club to be key partners in this event. We are contacting as many midwest homebrew clubs as we can to let you know that we would like you to share your passion for homebrew and brewing techniques with the general public and other fellow brewers. Homebrewing demonstrations (complete brewing sessions) will take place throughout this two day event. We will have a dedicated homebrewing tent (roughly 50' x 80') specifically for homebrew clubs, brewing demonstrations and homebrew merchandise. Represent your club. Share your passion. Rub elbows with your favorite professional brewers! And - there will be overnight camping adjacent to the site of the fest for all festival attendees who chose to make camping reservations.

Admission will be for the entire 2 day event. At this time we are estimating presales to be in the range of $35 to$45 per person. Sales at the gate (if the event is not sold out) are estimated to be $45 to$50 per person. Admission will be non-refundable.

Public attendance at this event will be limited to 3000 (this doesn’t include professional brewers, volunteers or other event support staff).

Admission is free to members of participating homebrew clubs, providing your members volunteer to help us at least one day of the event.

Participating homebrew clubs must reserve space in the homebrew tent to serve your brews and may provide brewing demonstrations as well. We are planning to have 20 (10’x10’) spaces available for homebrew clubs, but if the number of interested clubs exceeds 20 we will look at assigning time slots to spaces. If this arrangement works better for your club please let us know.

Please note that this event is in development and is subject to change. We will keep you updated.

We hope to have our website up and running soon www.midwestbrewersfest.com

Join us on Facebook at: www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Midwest-Brewers-Fest/169412466411939


Ed Malnar

Midwest Brewers Fest – Homebrew Committee Chairman
[email protected]

President P.A.L.E

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