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Apr 14, 2010
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Anyone have a recipe for the Port Brewing Midnight Sessions Black Lager?

Pretty good stuff.
I believe originally it was the second runnings off of their Serpent's Stout. Not sure if that has held true for subsequent batches. I would find a recipe for an Imperial Stout and scale it back to 1.052 (the OG according to their website) and ferment it with a lager yeast. Sorry I couldn’t be of more help.
Thanks Oldstock,

Gives me some direction to go in.

Wasn't sure if it was a dark lager recipe or something else, it does kinda taste like a stout diluted with a lager, at least it has that smokey/coffee taste.
Any suggestions on how to make a recipe from what would be a second running of a stout?

I have a basic list for a recipe for the serpent stout, but trying figure out how to turn it into a seconding running recipe without actually having to make the stout, though it wouldn't be such a bad thing to do, I don't have enough equipment to run two ferments at the same time and be able to rack them to secondaries later on.
Here's some info I got from the Brewer.

Midnights is brewed with the second runnings of Serpent Stout.

The malt bill for the Stout:
60% 2 row
8% roasted Barley
8% Chocolate
8% Crisp 120
4% Simpsons Xtra Dark

All in the mash with 15% Flaked Barley added directly into the Mash Tun.

Again this is for the Serpent Stout but it might give you a starting point.
We also fermented it with a lager yeast which gives it that nice clean finish.
I would also recommend fermenting @ 52 to help to dry it out.
In the way of Hops I suggest anything Nobel that you like. (Not much thought).

The OG for Midnights is 13 plato.

For the Stout I came up with this 5gal recipe using beer calculus, could be way off for all I know...

BJCP Beer Style Russian Imperial Stout

malt & fermentables

% LB OZ Malt or Fermentable ppg °L
63% 10 0 American Two-row Pale info 37 1
16% 2 8 Barley, Flaked info 32 1
6% 1 0 Roasted Barley info 25 300
6% 1 0 Caramel/Crystal Malt -120L info 33 120
6% 1 0 Chocolate Malt info 34 475
3% 0 8 Simpsons Extra Dark Crystal info 34 160

Original Gravity 1.085 (1.076 to 1.089)
Final Gravity 1.021 (1.019 to 1.023)
Color 56° SRM / 110° EBC (Black)

use time oz variety form aa
boil 60 mins 1.5 Chinook info pellet 13.0
boil 60 mins 2.0 Fuggles info pellet 4.5
boil 15 mins 2.0 Kent Golding info pellet 4.5

Bitterness 55.2 IBU / 29 HBU
BU:GU 0.65
Alcohol 8.5% ABV / 7% ABW
Calories 280 per 12 oz.

Any suggestions for turning that recipe(if it looks ok) into a dark lager?
So think I might try this soon, I got a second fermenting bucket and better bottle so I can do the second runnings.

Anyone have any input on the recipe or suggestions for doing the first/second runnings.

Not sure how much wort I will get with each, probably only a few gallons.
Not sure how much wort I will get with each, probably only a few gallons.

The rule of thumb that has worked for me is that the first 1/3 of the runnings will have half the gravity. You can always mix some of the runnings if needed to hit your gravity pre-boil.