Midnight Oatmeal Stout - Extract with mini mash recipe

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Mar 12, 2009
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Chicago, IL
So we have been looking to do an oatmeal stout with extract for awhile and after much research we pulled the trigger on the following recipe last night:

Midnight Oatmeal Stout

1lb Roasted Barley
1lb Carafa
1/2lb Flaked Oats
1/2lb Chocolate Malt
6lbs Munton's LME
2oz Fuggle leaf
1/2oz Willamette Pellets
1 Activator packet Wyeast Whitbread Ale XL

We did a "mini mash" with the Barley and oats in a open ended grain bag in three gallons of water at 155-160 for an hour. We periodically agitated the grains in the bag with the end of a wooden spoon. The Carafa and Chocolate malt were steeped together in a grain bag at the same time.

After an hour both bags of grain were drained and then quickly "washed" in 2 gallons of 180 degree water for a few minutes and then drained again. The two gallons were than added to the three gallons and brought to a boil. LME was then added, brought to boil again when the 2oz of Fuggle were added and boiled for 45 mins. Finally the 1/2oz of Willamette was added with a little Irish Moss and boild for 15mins.

It was cooled down to 70 degrees, had an OG reading of 1.045, and pitched with the Wyeast pack.

By the time it was all said and done it was past midnight and the wort was darker than a cup of coffee, hence the name.

It is currently comfortable fermenting at 60 degrees. We will provide an update at bottling and finally some pics of the finished product in a few weeks!