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Mar 10, 2005
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Schuylkill Haven, PA
I saw a show on PBS about Pennsylvania breweries by a guy named Lew Bryson, who also has a book on the subject. I looked him up online and found his website (http://www.lewbryson.com/) which has lists of the breweries in NY and PA, with a VA, MD, and DE section to come. Each list has info about the current status of each brewery and a quickie review of the beers available there. I found a bunch of breweries that I didn't even know about, so I thought it would be a good thing to share here for all you east coast folks.
Mmm...love the Stoudt's. I was at the Lancaster, PA pub a few times, too. My inlaws live there. It was pretty good beer and a cool place.

Glad to see that the mid-Atlantic has come along so far beerwise since I jumped ship to the left coast :D
I've been to quite a few places on the PA list... Bethlehem Brew Works, The Bullfrog, Victory BC, Bube's Brewery, Market Cross... And I plan on hitting up Nodding Head when I'm in Philly this weekend. Still have to make my way out to Stoudt's Brewery though, it's only an hour from my house and I've never been there!
Should you find yourself in northern Virginia on the 25th adn 26th of June, check out the 9th Annual Dominion Brewery Beer Fest. They put on quite a show, and you will find numerous "microbreweries" represented there. If that weekend is already booked, I recommend checking out the brewery anyways. They have an outstanding brew-pub with 20-30 beers on tap, and memorable food. I believe they do tours on the weekend, though I am not sure exactly when.

ryser2k said:
I'm not sure where it is in Jersey, but Flying Fish Brewing Company makes good beer...

I'm pretty sure Flying Fish is in Cherry Hill, 10-15 minutes east of Philly.

I've only tried their Grand Cru, my first stab at the genre.
It was almost like drinking a fuzzy sweater.
Not my cup of tea, but certainly not a bad beer by any measure.