Midas Touch inspired (I did NOT! brew this with hot rocks.)

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Elmo Peach

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Mar 4, 2021
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I racked the Midas Touch kind of Concoction. It has Condord white grape, buckwheat honey, wild flour honey and DME brew today so of course I tasted it. I have only a gallon of it this time will try this again.

I no idea what it would taste like It is surprisingly good. It has a unquie taste that I can't discribe as yet.

I also added 5 spruce tips, 2 dryed yarrow blossom and about 1/2 oz. of hops (1/4 oz at 45 min and the rest at) 5 cardamom seeds crushed.and a a pinch of spanish saffron from my daughter who lives in Spain

The (brew? mead/wine) has a shiny straw colour.

I used the ec1118 yeast. have not checked the SG yet. The brew is still bubbly.