Microwave Pressure Cooker

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Mar 24, 2013
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Ipswich, MA
Good Day All,

I had the bad luck of a flooded basement that resulted in moldy equipment/fridge/freezer, so I'm in the midst of restocking both my equipment but more importantly my yeast bank. I'm looking to store yeast in a new freezer (autodefrost) in glass autoclaveable vials with glycerin, and I want to do it right this time.

I was originally going to boil my vials to sanitize them, but then I remembered I had been given a microwave "pressure cooker". From what I've read, it is not a true pressure cooker as it only gets to about 4-6 psi. My question is, has anyone used these to sanitize/sterilize your vials/jars? How did it work out and is it even worth it to try over simply boiling the vials as you can't get to 10 psi as you would with a stovetop cooker?

I want to try it if its worth-while, but I'm scared of unsanitized vials and also exploding glass in the microwave. Should I be worried or is this a decent way to more quickly prepare for yeast storage?