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Tennessee Memphis Area - FastRack

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Aug 9, 2015
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Mountain Home
2 FastRacks and tray. $20.00 Still Available, local FTF cash. Will ship on your dime.
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Hi all! I wanted to give my pals on HBT first shot at this stuff before posting on CL. This is mostly for folks in/close to Memphis, TN as shipping costs on these items would be crazy expensive. Prices are cash, face to face, and you pick them up. Thanks for looking. Ed

Here's what I have:
  • 168 clean Grolsch bottles (124 are in 4-pack carriers.) $0.35 each/$50.00 for the whole lot.
View attachment 566006
  • Bottle Tree - 45 bottle. $10.00
View attachment 566009
  • 2 FastRacks and tray. $20.00 (doesn't work with Grolsch bottles.)
View attachment 566011
  • Sanyo 2.5 cu ft Mini Fridge. $40.00 Works great! (Not big enough for fermenting chamber or kegerator)
View attachment 566008 View attachment 566010

Dude I would gladly take the Grolsch Bottles and Mini Fridge! I'm in Arlington but would gladly travel to you. What part of town are you in?