Mead Yeast Requirements Messing With my Brew?

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Aug 3, 2018
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Hello, quick question here.
I recently created a sugarcane wine. Here was the setup:
1L boil extracted sugarcane (boiled sugarcane in water)
0.5L water
~3g mangrove jack's M05 (mead) yeast
pretty well sterilised
I let it sit in a demijohn for a week and it turned out smelling not good (to the point I didn't try it) and looking kinda cloudy. I've asked around lately and a few theories have came up:
- Needs yeast nutrient
- M05 yeast needs honey amino acids
- Sugarcane ferments produce sulfur, which caused the smell
Any ideas why this may be? I'm thinking to try with some mangrove jack SN9 yeast, but use proper crushed sugarcane juice. Thanks
"smelling not good" has a lot of causes, many bad, but some OK. If it's got a hint of rotten eggs, then that's "sulphur", which is produced in a strain-dependent way, but is also a sign of the yeast being stressed. The good news is that sulphur generally blows off with conditioning, whereas other "not-good" smells just get worse.

But yes, some yeast nutrient would help - even just throwing some old yeast in the juice at flameout.

I'd probably stick with the mead yeast for now - there is a family of cachaca yeasts but I don't think any of them are readily available, Brewlab might have one in the bank if you ask them.

It might help if your profile said what country you're in?