Maybe I "Had" A Krausen

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Jan 3, 2008
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South of most States
With no further airlock activity, I took the top off my primary. It's back on now. I have no krausen, just something that looks like weak dishwater suds. However, I do have a thick ring of brownish green ??? that is a good 2 inches wide stuck to the side, about 1 inch above the wort level. Maybe that "was" a krausen and it settled already. It has been 5 days in the primary, counting brew day and today. This is an Irish Stout extract from Midwest. Ferment temps have been holding at 71F - 68F with 68F being more constant.


Yea the krausen has dropped back into the fermenter, it all sounds perfectly normal to me. Good work!
aye, normal. some yeast will hold the krausen, other strains barely krausen.

the trub ring is the evidence the krausen left behind.

you still have at least 2 days before you should rack to secondary. if you're not gonna secondary, you have about 2 weeks before you should bottle.