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For Sale (Massachusetts) 2.5 gallon system with Torpedo kegging setup $100

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Feb 1, 2012
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Small batch 2.5 gallon homebrewing equipment for sale including kegging setup. Just add a fermenting bucket and you have everything needed to make all grain Homebrew.

Kegs can sit in your fridge or a mini fridge, no need for a separate freezer or fridge.

I’m simplifying my gear, so everything below for $100.

2 Torpedo Ball lock kegs (2.5 gallon) with sleeve
Brand new “Brew in a bag” bag
Kegland mini regulator
16g co2 cartridges
Kegland Pluto beverage dispenser
Brand new SodaStream adapter for mini regulator (so you can use soda stream co2 bottles instead of cartridges)
5 gallon brew pot
3 gallon stainless steel wort chiller
Corona Mill to crack own grains mounted to Morebeer fermentor

I’m selling this all together, not interested in splitting it up. Can’t ship.

Email me with any questions- thanks.

Photos on Craigslist post All Grain Homebrew gear with torpedo kegging system - general for...
I wish you were closer to philly. Wonder what shipping is...
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