mashing white wheat. protein rest?

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Jan 17, 2012
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south east, usa
I've done some searching but can't seem to find a definitive answer.

I want to make a wheat beer using about 40% RAHR White Wheat. This will be all grain. Hopefully someone who has used this grain can give some insight. The last batch I brewed I used the white wheat for the first time and did my standard mash @ 152 degrees. I had pretty poor efficiency from what I could tell ( i never actually calculate it though) I used 10# of 2-row, 2# of wheat, and a couple ounces of crystal 40. The of was 1.040, I thought that was kind of low. I noticed on midwest supplies website the suggest a protein rest for the rahr white wheat, but the owner of my lhbs said he never does one and acted like he didnt have a clue if it would help or not.

Anyways.. should the single infusion mash work or do I need to do a protein rest? what is your opinion. Thanks!!
Aug 14, 2009
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Southern AZ
Anytime my wheat % goes higher than about 20% I like to do a protein rest and usually see an efficiency boost. Also, if your not doing it already you can try crushing your wheat separatly from everything else and crushing is a lot finer, especially if you are using rice hulls as a lautering aid. If you can't do a rest just plan on your efficiency being lower and scale the amounts accordingly.