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Sep 30, 2008
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Ok, I've been trying to jump into AG Brewing efficiently. But I've been getting low numbers (60-65%) 5 to 6 Gallon batches only. I've just been doing the old stovetop method....kinda a pain. I've got a 4 gallon pot and a 7 Gallon pot. The 7 Gallon is hard as hell to get boiling 5 or 6 gallons, as it barely fits on the stove.

I've been looking at Mash Tun threads (there are a gazillion!) ....and trying to figure out the best way to go. Either the cooler with SS braid, or with CPVC manifold looks pretty easy and cheap. Stuff like RIMS and HERMS looks like too much money. I also think I don't wanna get into gas burners. I'd rather have electric if it comes down to it.

I'm a busy guy, and anything to make it easier to brew with, and faster to what I want!:mug: