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Feb 19, 2005
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Hey anyone got a recipe for used grain and yeast bread. I have tried it a small microbrew pub and was wondering if i could make some myself.
I've done it. Just throw a cup or so of spent grains into your favorite bread recipe. It mostly just adds fiber/husks and some crunchy texture.
So you dont have to minus flour with the addition of the spent grain? I think that is the only question I think I might have.
Nah. The grain basically just adds some texture and a lot of moisture. You may want to dry it in the oven with low heat so your bread still rises properly and doesn't end up all dense and wet.

There really are a lot of great ways to make bread with spent grain. You can use a really hearty, dense wheat bread recipe and add quite a bit of it or like a sourdough with less of the grain, dried out, so it'll still be light and fluffy. I've had success just tossing some into a normal wheat bread recipe. But it's basically like adding poppy seeds or any other ingredient that is used primarily for flavor/yexture. Start small and experiemnt to find what you like.

The kernel part of the grain is the most fun part to have in the bread. The husks are less so. So, drying and kind of shaking/blowing most of the husks out is good too.

Fortunately, experimentation with bread is cheaper and quicker than experimenting with beer, yet it's just as fun. Now that you mention it, my wife has gotten really into sourdough, so maybe I'll try to talk her into making some spent grain bread. If you get a really great recipe, let us know. Cheers! :D

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