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Jun 13, 2007
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The "Ville"
Yes I know it isn't March yet, but I have just bottled my first Lager, a Munich Helles, last week. I left the yeast cake in the cold.

I decided that I may never Lager again(if this one doesn't turn out), so I wanted to use the Lager yeast cake to do a Marzen. That is the only other Lager that I am really interested in doing at this point.

I brewed it Saturday (man it went well, I did a decoction on a partial mash it smelled too yummy).

Right now it is bubbling away at 52F. I intend to carbonate and then bottle Lager this one through the winter. (yes I will save it for September)

I intend to leave it in the garage in a large cooler through the winter.

At what Point should I move it to the steady temp (65F) of my basement?

Low temp fluctuations shouldn't hurt it.(32F-55F or so) but at what point should I move it in?

(P.S. I tried one of the Helles last night to test carbonation progress. It is good!)
(P.P.S Thanks to Menschmachine and Yooper for all of the pointers and advice!)
Assuming you are using a lager yeast, for primary, I'd keep this one around 45 or so for a couple of weeks, then warm up to room temp for about 3 days for a diacetyl rest. Then rack and crank it down to about 30 degrees for as long as you can.
I'd say keep it at 52 for about 4 weeks (to make sure its done), prime and bottle, keep it at 65 for another 2 weeks or until the cabonation is adeqate and then lager as low as you can get to 32 until September.


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