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Jul 10, 2008
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So i just built my new brewing stand this weekend. My HLT will be my highest keggle, and so my sparge water will flow with gravity. My mash tun and boil keggle will both be at the same height.

I am considering getting a pump but not sure which one to get. I generally like to sparge slowly so will the slow pace of the sparge be bad for the pump? I have read that if you let them run dry you will ruin them. I don't plan on letting it run dry, but it won't be a huge flow of wort.

Another thought is not buying a pump and just have 2 clean buckets for when i collect wort and just keep switching them out and dumping them into the boil keggle. Does anyone do this?

Thanks for the help guys. I have brewed since November because we had our first baby and can't wait to try out my new stand!


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Jan 20, 2009
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1. I pump the wort slowly from the MT to the BK just as you plan to do. Been doing it this way for a very long time without any problems. You will soon wonder why you waited so long to get a pump.

2. I did the bucket transfer before I got the pump. It works OK, but it's also a PIA.