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Moustafa Elgendy

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Mar 8, 2018
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Hi Guys,

I wonder if you can help me clone a non alcoholic malt drink I used to buy back home. The ingredients were: Carbonated water, Barley Malt Extract, Sugar, citric acid and flavors. I have zero experience in brewing any kind of beer so tried my luck with Youtube and found loads of recipes but all of them use grains and call for fermentation. Is there any other simpler recipe for non alcoholic using Malt extract only?
Carbonation in homebrewing is usually achieved by fermenting sugars and your beverage cannot use that process. It might be possible by using something like a Sodastream to carbonate the unfermented malt.
Thanks RM-MN,

How can I brew the malt? I tried adding some liquid Malt extract to sparkling water and left it for a day, it was weak and full of barley slid residues. is there a recipe I can follow to get a final strong & clear drink?
I believe you are describing a Malta. They are available in the ethnic section in most large grocery stores. I would try Briess Amber CBW and brown sugar in equal proportions. Boil for an hour with very low hop additions to achieve only 10 to 15 IBU's and force-carbonate and serve in a keg. Just remember, its an alternative to beer and soft drinks, so it should be very sweet and delicious. Good luck :)