Maibock - Lager finishing at room temp?

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Dec 22, 2008
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I rarely brew lagers and was hoping to get some help. I brewed a 10 gallon maibock recipe that came out to about 1.070. I used the drauflassen technique documented on and split the wort and pitched enough yeast for 5 gallons. The batch was mashed at 156. At low krausen, I blended the other 5 gallons of aerated work. It's been fermenting for 2 weeks now and is only down to 1.025 and fermentation has almost stopped. I was expecting to get to 1.017. I did ramp the fermentation temp up gradually starting at about 10 days to keep things going. My question is this, if it never gets down to 1.022 would there be any flavor impacts of kegging it and leaving it at room temp for a week or 2 prior to the lagering phase? I'm just thinking it may be a good way to letting a drop another couple points if possible.

I used Wyeast 2308, does anyone think that that may be terminal gravity when mashing at 156 for that yeast? The attenuation range is 70-74?