Maibock Ale Partial Mash - looking for some commentary/help?

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Sep 8, 2010
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Hi All-

I am hoping to make a Maibock Ale. I know Maibocks are traditionally lagers, but that just isn't going to happen with my set up.

So here is my idea and I'd appreciate some commentary about what I am proposing. I am also really new to the 'creating a beer' thing, so there are probably a lot of things I haven't considered/what not. I am just going for it and see how I can improve things.

This is a partial mash recipe that is partially based off Papazian's Elementary Penguin Maibock. I used

Grain Bill:

6 lbs Northern Brewer Pilsen LME (2L)
2 lbs Toasted Malt (Briess light 2L or there abouts, roasted in oven at 350 for 15 mins)
2 lbs Briess Munich Malt (10L)
2 lbs German Vienna (4L)

2 oz Mt Hood @60 mins
1 oz Vanguard @ 20 mins
1 oz French Strisserspalt @ 15 mins

Either Safbrew S-33 or Wyeast German Alt(1007) I haven't decided which

Boil vol = 3 gallons, 60 minutes
Assumed Mash efficiency: 75%
Theoretical OG 1.073
Theoretical FG 1.018
Color = 11 SRM
Bitter= 33.7 IBU

The plan was to mash ALL the grains at about 150 degrees for 30-45 mins. The method is the same as described in the Easy Partial Mash post. Then I plan to do a late addition of the LME, like in the last 15-20 mins of the boil.

It seems like 75% is pretty typical, but I am curious if anyone could tell me a 'sure fire' number for efficiency? Like a number that "if you are generally doing a good job doing a partial mash" this is what you can expect for sure.

Anyway, I would just appreciate input for suggestions. As for mash temperature, I haven't thought that far ahead, but 150-152 F seems like a good range.

Thanks all!


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Nov 5, 2004
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75% is about the default number for most published all-grain recipes, however, for a PM unless you know otherwise 60% is closer to what I've seen over the years. A typical Maibock is likely to be a blend of pils and Vienna malt. Unless you already have your grains lined up I would drop the home toasted and Munich and just use pils and Vienna in a 50/50 ratio. For mashing I would recommend staying on the low side 148/150F and let it go for 60 minutes.