Madisonians Meet-up?

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Dec 10, 2005
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Madison, WI
Hey All,

We sorta tried this once before and it kind of fell through, so let's give it a shot. There are a lot of folks in Madison here on HBT, so let's try to have a get-together. I've never been out to Ale Asylum (since I live on the West side, its a hike), but I would really like to. Let's have a meet-up there and quaff some pints!!

Tentative plan:
  • Saturday January 26th (gives us time to back out or make changes)
  • Ale Asylum
  • 8:00 pm (we can eat some dinner if we wish, do they serve food there? but more importantly have enough time to stay and drink!!)
What say ye?

hey im from the northeast and this is off topic, but is that a descendants logo in your avatar?
Why yes it is. Definitely one of my favorite bands. I am actually going to be getting that tattooed on me at some point in time, long story. Anyways, its the cover art from "Milo Goes to College"
I'm down.

Date and time should work for me.

Their website says they serve deli sandwiches and pizza, so there ought to be food for those who want it.

Here's to hoping they have the new doppelbock available.
Allright well, like last time things have come up, and it seems like no one except madtown was interested. I am going ot be going to the Badger hockey game on Saturday, so obviously I won't be making it.
Ale Asylum is a great place if you ever do make it there. I was there with some of the KC folks that came into town for Great Taste. Very good beer and very friendly place.

As for Milo, didn't he do his post grad work at UW-Madison?

If you ever head down Milwaukee way, let us know would love to hook up.