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Jun 26, 2007
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abingdon, virginia
I entered a new echelon of homebrewing today - ordered a mill and 50# sack of grain, some hops, and some corny parts to expand from 1 to 2.

If I include the cost of the mill I will break even after 8 batches compared to my typical buying of NB kits + shipping.

But who cares about that, I'll be grinding my own grain!

I wanted to expand to 10 gallon batches, but that will have to wait.

If I can keep my yeast strains alive, I'll have 3 that pretty much cover the gamut of my tastes for now.

I'll be trying to 'maintain' a corny of house pale ale and rotate a second batch - first will be oatmeal stout.

My plan w/yeast is not too fancy, just to make starters every few months and harvest directly or pitch and harvest cake to continue their lines. I've heard about yeast going bad and all that but I'll just have to see.

Hops are the biggie right now, ordered enough to cover the 5 batches I have planned for the future.

Thanks to all on this board for encouragement and instruction that have helped make this leap.

Good for you. Congrats!

I use the "it'll save me money" justification all the time with SWMBO, though it seems like I am always looking to spend more money on something. But that's ok by me, I like buying stuff. And my beer does cost me less (if I factor in ingredients alone).