low SG, little airlock activity

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Nov 23, 2008
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Lincoln, NE
i just brewed a Brewers Best "Classic English Pale Ale" kit last night and i came up with a lower SG than the instructions call for and was wondering if anybody knew why...the kit contains 3.3lbs of LME, 2 lbs of DME, 8oz of crushed crystal, 1oz kent golding bittering hops 2oz argentine cascade finishing hops, and 1oz glacier aroma hops, i also added 1tsp irish moss. i use an electric stove burner but i made sure to take it off the burner while adding all the LME and DME to avoid scorching and stirred a LOT, almost constantly throughout the whole brew process to minimize scorching. the kit says it should be 1.044-1.048 and i only came up with 1.038, i made sure i got it to exactly 5gal and stirred it really good once it was in the fermenter. i just got home and looked at the airlock after its now been sitting for about 30-32 hours and the airlock is only bubbling about 1 medium bubble every 10-20 sec or so, im not quite as concerned about the airlock activity as i am the low SG because i know airlock activity is not a good indicator of good fermentation

The Pol

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Feb 12, 2007
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Eh, your OG is fine... mixing extract and water is an exercise in futility I am finding. As for the bubbling, it can take up to 72 hours to get the airlock to bubble at all, so you are fine there, it will speed up.

Also, make sure your lid/airlock are sealed well, you can lose pressure through small leaks too.

You are fine.