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Jul 2, 2007
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Highland, MI
Did my first 10 gallon AG today. Here's a list of the highlights.

recipe was a belgian wit from the brewing classic styles book.

1. first time using my electrically heated mash tun with PVC manifold.
2. first time using oats and wheat flakes in a beer.
3. got my first stuck sparge even with over 1 pound of rice hulls
4. Burnt out the electric element trying to raise the mash from 122 - 154 even with vigorous stirring.
5. first time brewing with somebody and splitting the batch
6. boiled 15 gallons in a kettle

All in all we were successful. We had to dump the Mash ton and I wrapped the manifold in a mesh bag. We had to drain off 2 gallons at a time and heat on the propane burner to get the decoction up to mash temps. I am going install a second elements in the cooler higher up for larger batches. It seemed that with the element so close to the bottom it was easier to over heat the element.

We exceeded our target gravity slightly and hit 83%.

Was a good day and had a good time.

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