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Missouri Lots of Equipment, BK, HLT, e-Brewery, Jockey Box

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Mar 1, 2011
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Pleasant Hill
Located in the Kansas City area. I have a lot of equipment I'm listing as I'm getting out of the hobby and starting new ones.

Most of this cannot be shipped, but could be delivered/met halfway within reason around the KC area. I also head down to the Ozarks on occasion so could meet in that area as well MAYBE.
Just please get it out of my garage. All prices are OBO

An ALMOST complete control panel for a BCS-460 Embedded Control Concepts 50A, 2-element, 2-pump System. Can control 2 heating elements and 2 pumps. Included in this are all the signal lights, solid state relays, heat sinks, contactors, switches, wiring, 250V-30A Nema Twist-locks for heating elements, 125V-20A Nema twist locks for pumps, (3) RTDs, DIN Rails, 115V-15A receptacles inside panel for accessories, a 250V-50A Main power twist-lock receptacle and plug, RTD wire, The control box, instructions. Most of it is done. The parts needing completed are the low voltage wiring. And final mounting of everything in place. Then plug it into your brewery. Give me $250 and it's yours.

Wood-built 6-tap jockey box serving station for homebrew. Box has 6 taps, ball lock connections, chalkboard top, glass rinse station with drain. Open front to store glasses and other items in box during events. Kegs are kept cool and together in 48" water tank. Easily holds 7 kegs and 20# CO2 tank with ice.

Will separate, and will make a deal on groups of items if several items are wanted.