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Mar 8, 2010
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Boulder, CO
I have to clear out my freezer for some new hops. All of these have been vacuum sealed and frozen since I received them and while in use. I will not sell separate hop varieties, this is a bulk need to take them all. They are all pellets. $25 takes all of them. Thanks

2011 Warrior 16.5% AA 11 oz.
2011 CTZ 15%AA 9 oz.
2011 Amarillo 10.1%AA 2.5 oz
2012 Willamette 4.7%AA 4 oz.
2012 Centennial 9.9%AA 6 oz.
2012 Cascade 6.2% AA 9 oz.
2012 US Hallertau ~5% AA 5 oz.
2013 Belma ~11%AA 13 oz.

Shipping will be flat rate USPS. I see no reason why they all could not fit in a medium flat rate box, probably $10. Local pickup also an option if you are in the area.