Looking for Lithuanian beer clone recipes...

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Jan 3, 2006
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I've searched here and googled, but haven't found anything. Looking for Svyturys Ekstra in particular, but anything similar would be appreciated.

Hey, if you find anything, let me know. I'd like to brew a Lithuanian beer too. I'm thinking they are probably lagers, maybe even a Baltic Porter thrown in for good measure.
I know the Svyturys Ekstra is a lager. I really don't know much about any other brews from the area. I'm asking on behalf af a friend of a friend who is from Lithuania, and drops $2/bottle on it from his local outlet.
I want to resurrect this thread, since I am looking for Lithuanian lager recipes (being a Lithuanian expat).
Svyturys Ekstra is a lager (since it is a most popular type of beer in Lithuania, Baltic Porter is 2nd).
Kalnapilis and Svyturys make great lagers (they keep on winning those international awards).

That said, since I am just starting out homebrewing, I will take any recipe that gets me close enough to stuff I grew up on.
I am looking for a Lithuanian beer recipe too! I have been brewing all grain for 1 year and 3 months! I LOVE BEER!
Another person who has a last name that ends with an S is looking to brew my own version of Svyturys Ekstra
My memory - having lived there for only three years - was strong lagers. The only dark beer I could find was a dark lager with coloring added.

Sorry to say, but living there was what made me want to brew my own. I normally drank Svyturys and Kalnapilis and just didn't think they were my type of beer. Decent lagers, but I found that I am just not a lager fan.

Of course I was in Vilnius most of the time and maybe there were some other styles in other places. I live right near Vingo Parkus for anyone from Vilnius.
Just to bump this up...I had a Svyturys Ekstra Draught at Ledo's Pizza the other night. It was fantastic. I would like to find a clone or something close in a replica.

Here's the tag from their site:
Svyturys Ekstra draught
As the name implies this beer really is something special! Although the brewing process is identical to that used to produce EKSTRA the beer is not pasteurised after production, which gives it the flavour characteristics of real draught beer. The result is a lager with exceptionally fresh hop aroma and flavours, with a delicate lasting palate, and truly clean crisp finish – and real ‘draught’ character. Svyturys are also justly proud of the bottle used in the production of EKSTRA DRAUGHT that uses state-of-the-art glass technology to protect the beer against the effects of UV rays, which are detrimental to beer quality.

I have no clue what pasteurized versus unpasteurized is...but can someone let me know??

Also, since it is listed as identical to Ekstra...here's that tag:

Svyturys Ekstra
This 5.2%Alc/vol ‘export’ beer is in the European Dortmunder style and has a bright golden crystal clear colour, married to the classic pilsner style foaming white head.
When tasted you experience the purity of flavour which is down to the selection of only the finest quality natural ingredients of malting barley, water, hops and yeast – with no further additives! This gives a clean tasting beautifully balanced beer that was awarded Silver Medal at the World Beer Cup in 2000, and coveted Gold Medal Award at the World Beer Championship in 2001.


From that we know the style, the ABV and that it has predominant Pils malt. My taste would indicate that something along the Czech Saaz would be present. Saaz, Kazbek or something of that nature.

Someone please help!!
More info:

Svyturys Ekstra from Lithuania (Utena) brewed since 1784, a light, golden crystal clear beer with a dazzlingly white frothy head. Light lemony aromas combine with clean, yet bitter flavours to create a refreshing result. The purity of this ale stems from the quality of ingredients, absence of additives (preservatives), selection of bitter aromatic hops, blended with unique barley malts, yeast, and rice. SAQ available, at 5.2% alc. in 500ml bottles at $2.95, maybe a good idea in our warmer summer days. Great for barbecues, picnics and salads.


My estimate of the SRM was maybe a 3 or 4. Poured out of the glass as a 2...but once settled in the glass, it's a 3 or 4
I wish I had more info on this. Right now, my intent is to use Belgian Pilsner an Optic Malt. Optic will preserve the light color (2.75-to-3 Lovibond) while adding the aromatic needed in this one.
The note of a light, lemony aroma gives me the impression that this:

Motueka Pellet Hops (NZ)
Motueka is very versatile and bright with notes of lemon and lime. It can be used for bittering or aroma. It has enough character to stand alone as a single hop, but it partners extremely well with other hops. Traditionally used in pilsners, Motueka is a great addition in a wide range of ale styles (pale ales, ESBs, and Belgian ales).

This could work moreso than Sorachi Ace. Just my perception, but I think Sorachi is a bit stronger on the lemon. I think the Motueka may work, but I will have to try another bottle since I didn't detect the lemon as much as I did get a flavor of Saaz-ish