Looking for Dragonfruit IPA recipe (Pure Brewing Prroject - #ISO)

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Jan 10, 2021
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Hey all,

a couple of things as I am new to brewing. I just finished a successful clone of Treehouse’s Julius and am working on my next batch. I want to clone #iSO from Pure which is probably my favorite brew and it’s few and far between as well since I live on the east coast.

I have reached out to them to see if they would be so kind to give me something to go off of, but no response.

so my first question is can anyone on here help me come up with the recipe for it? Looking to do a 3-5G batch.

my other question is I have looked all over for dragonfruit purée aNo all I could find is dragonfruit powder on nuts.com and clear dragonfruit extract on amoretti.com.

for this beer I’d be looking for the color and the slight taste of dragonfruit. I guess I could do the purée myself if I could find actual dragonfruit around me in NJ.
I welcome all feedback!