Looking for advice on a shandy recipe

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Jul 13, 2021
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So I’m hoping to make a sort of experimental beer. My favorite summer cocktail is cucumber vodka in lemonade and I’m going to try to make a shandy inspired by this. If you have ever make something approaching leinenkugel's then please let me know how you did it! This is my plan:

6 lbs 2 row
5 lbs white wheat
0.5 lbs Munich 10
0.5 lbs carapils

mash around 152/153

perle or magnum to bitter and a couple oz Saaz at the end

ferment with a cleanish ale yeast like US05

once fermentation has died down, add 1 L bottle of simply lemonade and 2.5 lbs cucumber. Keg once that is fermented out (~a week later).

So my thinking here is to use a grain bill/base beer similar at least to Oberon so that I have a solid grain backbone to support everything else. I’ve seen some shandy recipies that are just 50/50 2 row and wheat and I want some residual sweetness and malt character to punch through the added flavors. I don’t want it to be super sweet tho so I’m adding the lemonade during fermentation to allow the yeast to consume that sugar. What do you think?