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Mar 2, 2005
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Columbus, MS.
I know I have seen it somewhere in here before, but now it seems to be buried in the threads...

I want to make a starter with my yeast. I have Wyeast 1056 (liquid) and I am going to go for an ESB batch. It was in the fridge when I got it from the brew supply store but has now been out of the fridge for half a day. The recipe has a DME with it and I was wondering how much water, how much DME and what temperatures to do what in order to make the starter...

I imagine since your making a small batch of wort, you would boil xxx ammount of water, add xxx ammount of DME, boil and then cool to 75f then add the liquid yeast. Also, since I'm using this tomorrow, should it be bottled (worried about the pressure), refrigerated or what?

I know I'm making the starter a bit late since I want to use it tomorrow but I have also read that 'better late than never' applies here.

Thanks, everyones input has been very helpful to me so far :D
What I do is buy a gallon of water, dump out half, dump the other half in pot with a cup of DME then boil for about 5-10 min, cool, then funnel back into the now sanitized gallon jug and pitch the yeast. I put a small stopper in it with an airlock and let it sit until I brew the next day. Works great for me