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Apr 24, 2017
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After a long absence due to home renovations and the craziness that is the world these days, I have finally been able to get back to brewing again. I had a friend over to hang out with me this past weekend while I was making a Kilkenny clone and he asked me about brewing up a clone of his favourite (Canadian spelling) craft beer, Muskoka Detour ISA. I told him I would look around as I have never tasted that beer (the local beer stores do not carry it where we are). I looked to their website https://muskokabrewery.com/beer/detour/ which gave a lot of information about the beer and they list all of the ingredients (obviously not the exact recipe). With that information and my setup, I came up with the following recipe:

7lbs - Maris Otter
2lbs - 2-Row (not sure why they are using 2 base malts)
.5lbs - Carapils (I am not able to get Dextra Pils in my area)
.5oz - Sorachi Ace - 60 min
.5oz - El Dorado - 15 min
.5oz - Citra - Dry Hop (3 days?)
Yeast - On my last LHBS pickup, they mistakenly gave me a package of Ebbegarden Kveik Blend which apparently "prodces fuity esters leaning towards guava and mango" which sounds like it might be very good for this beer.

Plugging this into Beersmith gets me an approx 4.4% ABV beer with 31 IBUs and SRM of 3.8

Given that I am taking a shot in the dark as is anyone here who has not tasted a Muskoka Detour...but based on the description on their site for the beer, any suggestions on how this recipe might work? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Recipe looks good just a few different options I want to throw your way.

1. do a 50/50 split of MO and 2 Row. From the description it leads me to believe there might be more two row then your original recipe calls for. Or you can switch them .

2. I would bitter with El Dorado, have the SA as the 15 and leave the Citra as is.

3. Yeast, I would choose a nice English yeast like S-04 or maybe even a WLP 090 or 001.

All just recs of course, recipe looks good to me.
@Sammy86 I just wanted to give you an update. We brewed this up about a month ago using the suggested hop changes (the LHS was out of 2 row so we used all MO) and it turned out fantastic!

The colour turned a little darker after the dry hopping and the citrus notes weren't there too much at the time we kegged but a few weeks on and there is a very nice citrus note at the end that is not quite as strong as the one we were trying to match but it turns out, we like this better.

Thanks for the advice and this one will end up in our rotation.

I agree with Sammy on a lot of it. But perhaps just use MO instead of 2-row in general. S-04 or Nottingham should be perfect for dry yeasts for sure and his suggestion on WLP 090 is probably spot on but if you don't want to do the starter go with S-04 or Nottingham.

Stupid question but for the citra you're dry hopping with pellets or whole leaf? Just curious. If pellet, maybe on 2 days of dry hopping.
The reason that 2-row was in the original recipe is that was listed as an ingredient on the brewery's website for the beer.

And for the hops, they were pellet hops as that is all that I have access to.