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Oct 24, 2007
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I've brewed several batches of extract brew. My last last beer (IIPA) I used all DME (haven't tried it yet, still fermenting). The next batch I'm making is all LME (irish red). Is there really any flavor difference between the 2? Is one better than the other? All of my beers were a combination of LME and DME (and obviously steeping grains, hops ect), prior to the last 2 batches.
With DME its easier to get a lighter beer, and some people say that DME doesn't have as much of that 'extract twang'. Also, DME you can stir in while it's on the boiling pot and with LME it sinks right to the bottom and has a possibility of scorching. Otherwise, they're basically the same product, but the DME has been processed more. Flavorwise they're the same.
They are pretty much the same except that LME goes stale a lot faster. You may taste a difference if your LME has some age on it and hasn't been stored perfectly.

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