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Jan 1, 2008
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So i just did my first brew today, a newcastle clone. every thing went pretty smoothly. no boil overs. when it was time to pitch the yeast it had been out of the fridge for about 2 hours and i put the vial in some warm water to help "wake it up". so i shook it up before i pitched it into the fermenter and i thought that it was relatively de clumped so i pitched it and and two larger clumps and the smaller broken up stuff came out. just wondering if this is gong to adversely affect it. im thinking that its not but that it just might take longer for it to activate.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

yeah you should be ok. Try setting your yeast out at the beginning of your brew session next time and it will be perfect pitching temp by the time your ready for it.

Also I would suggest looking into making starters for your liquid yeast. I'm sure you'll notice a significant lag time in the start of your ferm by just pitching the vial.

Just some ideas to consider on your next go. :)

ahh i totally forgot about starters. just trying to take in all the brewing process i think that i did well overall
You can take that one step further and make a stir plate to go with the starter.
geez dont tell me about other things to buy... im broke enough as it is. My buddy and i were having delusions of grandeur while we were brewing the wort, dreaming of things that we want and hadent even tasted our first homebrew yet.
Kramman said:
geez dont tell me about other things to buy... im broke enough as it is.

We all know the feeling so don't fret. My personal experience is that stir-plates are over hyped. At least for my brew schedule (once or twice a week on the weekends) I always have a few days ahead of time to build up starters in bottles without a stir plate.

That said, I strongly recommend making up starters. It helps you get over the "are my yeast dead" doubts, makes you feel more confidant that you'll avoid infection and (if it's your thing) save a bit of money by banking them. :)

Your yeast are fine this time but as was said, you'll probably see some lag as they get up to the proper numbers.
Sometimes You have to shake the hell out of them Tubes to get everything mixed together and let it sit out for like 5 hours, but Starters are its best friend.
True...starters are our friends.

With a starter you know BEFORE you brew if the yeast is good (and active).

Without a starter you can brew and wait for days wondering...:confused: :confused:

You don't need a stirplate. Just get a jug of some sort and mix 1/2 C malt and 2 C water, boil for 5 mins and cool. Pitch yeast in container and let sit at about 70F for a day or so.

When it's kreusening (has a head) you have a GO to brew!!! Your lag time will be reduced to hours...not days.:D
Can't you tell that your yeast is active with a smack pack? I mean isn't that really a starter? Every time I've used Wyeast I have fermentation in 12 hours or less. I even had the top blow off of my ale pale about 12 hours after I pitched the yeast once.
smack packs are not starters. they are really just proofing the yeast. a starter will double/triple the yeast quantity from a smack pack that's fully inflated.

just because your fermentation starts in under 12 hours doesn't mean things were ideal/optimal.

as for vials, defintely get them to room temp first. then shake the bejezus out of it. then CAREFULLY open the top a half twist. there will be pressure that you need to vent, otherwise you may end up wearing half your yeast...which is nasty and wasteful.

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