Belgian Dark Strong Ale Lion's Robe - Pimento-Aged Belgian Dark Strong Ale

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Nov 18, 2013
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Recipe Type
Partial Mash
French Saison (Wyeast #3711)
Yeast Starter
Additional Yeast or Yeast Starter
1L water + ~0.4 lb Pilsen DME
Batch Size (Gallons)
Original Gravity
Final Gravity
Boiling Time (Minutes)
Primary Fermentation (# of Days & Temp)
35 days @ 66-68 F
Secondary Fermentation (# of Days & Temp)
21 days @ 66-68 F
Additional Fermentation
2+ months in bottle
Tasting Notes
Great balance of sweet & dry; rich fruit flavor w/ subtle chocolate & spice notes
1.33 lb Belgian CaraMunich
0.50 lb Flaked Corn
0.50 lb Belgian Biscuit
0.33 lb Belgian Special B
0.33 lb UK Chocolate

Mashed @ 156 F for 30 minutes in 3 gallons water

Bring to boil, remove heat and add:

9.15 lb Pilsen LME
~0.6 lb Pilsen DME (leftovers from 1 lb bag used for yeast starter)

Bring back to boil for hop schedule:

1.00 oz Magnum (14.7% AA) @ 60 min (22.4 IBU)
1.00 oz UK Fuggles (5.3% AA) @ 60 min (8.1 IBU)
1.00 oz Hallertau Hersbrucker (4.3% AA) @ 30 min (5.0 IBU)

1.00 lb D180 Belgian Candi Syrup @ 10 min
1.00 lb Brun Fonce Soft Belgian Candi Sugar @ 10 min
2.00 gr Grains of paradise @ 10 min
1.00 tsp Irish moss @ 10 min

Topped off @ 5.5 gal in fermentor

Pitched entire room-temp yeast starter slurry @ 75 F

1.50 oz Rum-soaked pimento wood chips @ secondary (last 7 days)

Bottle with 5 oz. priming sugar

ADDITIONAL NOTES: The UK grain & hops are replacements for their respective Belgian/German counterparts that my LHBS did not have. IBU estimated using the calculator at Brewer's Friend.

ADDITIONAL TASTING NOTES: I love this beer; sweet, easy-drinking & alcohol is mostly masked... but my advice to you if you try it is to either:

a) Use more grains of paradise (2.5-3.0 gr) if you want more spice
b) Use more rum (1.5-2.0 cups) if you want more rum flavor
c) Try toasting your pimento wood at home (either half or all the chips you use) for a more complex wood flavor; or, perhaps just let it sit longer in secondary

I felt all of these were lacking somewhat in my final result... but it's not even 3 months old yet, so time will tell.